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December 29, 2012

Introduced Aniston, Molly and Nymeria- Nymeria seemed depressed being in quarantine alone for so long, hiding under her blanket and not really being as playful in the cage as before. Aniston was very accepting of her- lots of grooming each other. Molly, being the youngest of my other girls with the exception of Paisley, is more playful and able to keep up with Nymeria's boundless energy. Nymeria's been bouncing all over the cage now that Aniston and Molly has come to visit. 

Discovered an abscess on Emerson's belly, right above the scrotum area. His eyes are more obviously different in size than they had been a day or so ago. It appears now that the left eye is more squinty than normal (I was concerned about the right eye bulging out more but after getting a good look at it, it appears the left eye is the one that doesn't appear normal). (reference: