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My Rats' Bios

Chelsea- When we first got her, we thought she was a PEW but now we can see she is light Himalayan. She is my daughter's very own rat. Parents were hairless and Rex. She is standard coat. She is outgoing, always trying to climb out of the cage whenever you open it!  Adopted on my 30th B-Day, 01/28/12. Received her free from a woman off Craigslist that adopts out stray dogs. She handled the litter since they were an hour old so Chelsea received some excellent socialization even before I got her! Born 12/28/11.

Scarlett- hairless. AKA Scarlett No-Haira (get it? LOL!). Black eyes. Sister to Chelsea. She is shy but friendly. She is my hubby's rat. She is mellow and a tiny little lap rat, except when I hold her. Then she is a speed demon! Very sweet! Adopted same day as Chelsea; same litter- born 12/28/11. I think she is my alpha female, as she displays some pretty dominant behavior over all newcomers. Quite lazy, doesn't ever want to participate in training, even when treats are offered.

Aniston- Beige Hooded variety. Started off very shy, somewhat timid but became my heart rat, the most outgoing of all my rats.  Adopted her on my 30th B-day, 01/28/12. Unsure of DOB, I assume her to be about the same age as Pipsqueak so I assume her birthday to be sometime late November. Perhaps she is younger than that, I wouldn't know. Received her from a gentleman off Craigslist. He purchased her for his daughter but she was afraid of her and never wanted to handle her. Gentleman wanted her to go to a good home with someone who would give her lots of love and attention (I think she found the right place!). She is a dream come true in a rat- so loving, so responsive (comes when called, quick to learn tricks), and seems to prefer my company over the other rats although she is what I call 'the mother rat'- as she was the first to welcome any of our newer additions, grooming them. She is also the food hoarder- she carried food off to all parts of the cage, and will bury whatever is left in the bowl. Tends to be a bit of a pig, trying to cram as much food into her mouth at a time, LOL. I adore her!

Emerson- Blue split capped dumbo earred. Tiny little man! HATES baths.  Purchased him at a pet store that specializes in exotics (even monkeys!) on 08/23/11- he was my most expensive rat, costing me about $15! Worth every penny. He is priceless! Estimated him to have been about 8 weeks old putting his DOB sometime around late June. Often gets picked on my Pip- they are always squabbling. For a little guy, he puts up a good fight, always standing his ground, even though he is about the size of my young females! Cheeky little guy!

Pipsqueak- AKA "Pip". Agouti hooded. Big fat squishy boy, definitely the alpha male as he is always dominating the others.  Usually found bullying the others out of the hammocks or lounging by the food bowl, I guess to ensure he gets first dibs on the good stuff (which might explain his weight!). He was purchased at Petco on 12/22/11. I saw him and loved how unusual his agouti coloring was. When we handled him and he started giving kisses, I was sold. I had to have him. I estimated him to be about 7 weeks old so I believe that would put his DOB sometime around early November 2011.

Cicero- Himalayan. Anyhow, he is my big fat squishy boy! I purchased him from a mom & pop type pet store about 45 minutes away from where I live, on 8/22/11, after I heard from someone else that they sold Himalayan feeder rats. I didn't get to pick him out since he was kept in the back with the other feeders. So the pet store worker/owner picked him out for me. Like attention, as long as its given in the cage as he doesn't like to come out very much (although I do force it from time to time). Very lazy and submissive. I estimated him to have been about 6 weeks when I got him, putting his birthday sometime early July. 
******************* RIP 08/23/13 *******************

Paisley- black bareback with headspot. Paisley was from an accidental litter on Craigslist. The woman who had her asked for my assistance in finding homes for the litter, and of course I just had to take one of the cuties! She was born 5/13/12. I adopted her 6/11/12. She is my biter, not a very friendly rat, very shy and timid, despite much time invested in trying to get her to warm up to me. She is fine when you hold her, usually squeaks (and sometimes screams) in protest whenever you touch her but once in your hands, as long as you can hold onto her and keep her from trying to get away, she is fine. You'll probably just get pooped or peed on. She tends to pick fights with the others and I have tried separating her, fully prepared to keep her as a single caged rat, but she seemed so depressed I just couldn't. Thankfully the fights are fewer and farther between.

Beret- I guess she would be considered 'patched' as she has a patch of black over most of her face, but not in the standard 'masked' variety. She a feeder rat purchased by a long time friend of mine. When she moved to Florida, she found herself not able to care for Beret or Molly and surrendered them to me, stating that she couldn't imagine a better home for them. We estimate her to having been born sometime around May 2012, adopted her on 12/03/12. I love her so much, she is so silly- such an attention hog! You CANNOT pay any attention to any other rat without Beret butting in! She is one of the few rats that like to have her tummy rubbed and will let me put her on her back. First one to the cage door- often sleeps in front of it, just so she doesn't miss out on anything, LOL!

Molly- beige mis-marked hooded. Came with Beret, although she was purchased at a later date by my friend than Beret. Estimate her birthday to be around June 2012. I call her my prized pupil. She is quick to learn tricks. Very smart girl, acrobatic too! Very friendly- will try to reach out of the cage and grab you.

Nymeria- American blue self, dumbo ears. My first rat from an actual breeder/rattery! Born 11/13/12, adopted 12/18/12 from A Gothic Rattery in Gainesville, FL. She was a much anticipated rat indeed! I was looking for a blue dumbo female for a while when I came across AG Rattery's litter. I followed her from the day she was born to the day of adoption. Nymeria is somewhat on the shy side, another rat that prefers the comfort and safety of her cage or me- during free time in the rat playroom, she is usually found on me or very close by. She tends to get into squabbles with Paisley regularly- I don't know what it is with the two of them! Sweet little girl. She didn't bond to me as strongly as I hoped she would (like Aniston is) but she is very sweet and just too adorable!