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September 17, 2013

Discovered two lumps on Aniston. One is rather large and very squishy- right around her genitals. If I didn't know any better, and if I had not owned Aniston for as long as I have, I would almost think it was a testicle as it is about the size and density of one. The other lump is right above her right rear leg, very much in the same location as Scarlett's was (in the crease where the thigh meets the belly). I am hesitant to try to put her through another surgery at her age (she is approaching 2 years of age this November) since she has already been through one. I will be monitoring the tumors' growths.

Emerson has had increased decline in the mobility of his back legs. The muscle mass of this thighs is diminishing as is the hair on his back legs and tummy, but he still gets around! Wobbly and off balance, dragging his feet as he walks, but he still goes up and down the ramp of his cage, and in and out of the hammocks. Other looking like an old man rat, he appears to be in very good health.

All other ratties appear to be doing fine. They will all be treated with ivermectin soon as I have noticed more scabs on some of the rats and scratches on the hairless and would like to be sure we can rule out parasites.