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December 15, 2013

Last Weigh in (June 2013)
Today's Weigh In (December 2013)
8.6 oz
12.2 oz
11.4 oz
14.4 oz
12.1 oz
15.2 oz
1 lb 9.3 oz
1 lb 6.2 oz
13.8 oz
14.2 oz
9.5 oz
9.6 oz
11.3 oz
10.7 oz
14.9 oz
11.1 oz
11.3 oz
11.0 oz
12.4 oz
13.8 oz
14.8 oz

Sero- given olive oil bath; minor scratches on body

Atticus- given olive oil bath; minor scratches on body; dry patch/scab on tail appears to be mostly healed

Vaux- given olive oil bath;  minor scratches on body

Pip- exfoliated tail gently (build up under scales); scab on side (appear to be bite wound); no other issues

Beret- some scabs along neck and sides of body other than that, looks good. Wheel tail is still present but does not affect her mobility or balance at all.

Molly- looks good, no issues!

Nymeria- scabs along neck, shoulders, and sides of body- this is typical of Nymeria- they appear more like bite marks

Aniston- lumps have become quite large and are just now starting to hinder her mobility but only slightly as she still walks in the wheel. Increase in weight due to tumor size

Paisley- looks good- cataract in eye still present but doesn't appear to have increased in size by too much, no other issues

Scarlett- left eye has hard lump directly below it, squinting. Flushed it out as best as I could with natural tears eye drops and wiped it gently with a cloth- will continue to monitor and wipe it daily

Chelsea-  marble sized lump on right side (mammary tumor); strange mass on groin area- appears to be like thick, raw skin- has  been there for weeks with no change in appearance or size. Doesn't seem to affect her even when I touch it gently
Chelsea's odd growth. No hole, just an indent in the center.