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June 23, 2013

My S.A.V.ed boys (get it? Sero, Atticus, and Vaux...SAVed?) all received olive oil baths to cleanse and to moisturize their skin (less traumatic and just as effective as a water bath). They are so sweet! They were bruxing and boggling away at the attention! The scratches appear to be minor, although some look worse than others. I believe they will heal up very nicely.

Sero had a lot of buck grease and multiple scratches. He also has quite a bit of porphyrin coming from his left eye. He is the smallest of the group.

Atticus's right eye appears odd to me for some reason. At first I suspected he might be odd eyed- as that eye looked more ruby and the other looked more black. It appears after further examination that he is just ruby eyed but the abundance of porphryin in that one eye made it look more reddish than the other. His skin is the least scratched up.

Vaux came in with the most scratches. He is the largest of the group.

They were estimated to be about 3-4 months of age.

Weigh Ins:
Vaux     12.1 oz
Sero     8.6 oz
Atticus 11.4oz

Drained some sebum out of Cicero's cyst. It was last drained June 4th. Didn't have too much sebum in it and I was able to extract it easily, which is good- we are keeping on top of it to prevent it from becoming too painfully impacted.

Scarlett's tumor has grown very little in this amount of time, although we are still going to have it surgically removed.