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June 22, 2013

Welcomed home three new additions! Sero, Atticus, and Vaux- three hairless males adopted from an overcrowding situation in PA in which the original owner was going to just release all the rats into the wild. There was about 20+ rats, including pregnant females, that were removed and transported to various parts of the US via volunteer transporters. All three boys arrived very scratched up and had excessive porphryin coming from their eyes, but their noses and breathing appear clear. They are being quarantined where they will be kept for 3 weeks before I attempt to introduce them into my mischief with my current males. Tonight is mainly about letting them settle in and get used to having space (there were 10 of them crammed into a 10 gallon aquarium!). They all appear friendly- not biters- but are shy as they probably haven't been held except for affections they received by those who rescued and transported them to me.